"Behold the Lamb of God
  which taketh away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29
Grace Bible Church is a little congregation of believers in Greenwood, Mississippi. Conservative and traditional, we believe and preach every word of the Scriptures, exulting most of all in Christ's Gospel of sovereign Grace.

The Lamb of God Takes Away Our Sin

One day while John the Baptist was preaching the baptism of repentance to the people, he saw Jesus approaching. According to John's Gospel Chapter 1 verse 29, he cried out to the crowd:

Behold, the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world!

You might ask, why do our sins need to be taken away by the Savior? Can't we repent of them and be absolved of them by our own good works?

Sadly, the answer is no. The Scripture says that all mankind is guilty of disobedience against the almighty God, and the punishment for that sin is death and hell. There is no way we can save ourselves. Our sins must be taken away by another.

But God loved us so much that he sent such a one, a Savior, his own dear Son, to take away our sins.

How does he accomplish this? By substituting himself in our place in the judgment, as a Lamb would be sacrificed in the place of the penitent sinner.

The Lord Jesus went to the cross to bear our guiltiness and God's wrath against our sins. Like a Lamb slain, the Savior suffered the punishment of death in our place, that we might be free of the guiltiness and punishment for our own wickedness.

Now whoever comes to the Savior, seeking salvation, Christ freely gives it to them! So by becoming the sinner's Lamb, Jesus takes away all our sins. Whoever trusts in Him and His Blood is forever forgiven, forever set free.

Won't you flee to the Lamb of God today? He's God's only approved way to salvation and everlasting life.

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