"Behold the Lamb of God
  which taketh away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29
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A Sermon about Satan and the Rock Opera

On the Lord's Day, June 8, 2008, John Pittman Hey delivered a sermon titled "The Devil in the Details."

In this sermon, Mr. Hey decried the lies told about the Savior in Jesus Christ Superstar, and pointed out that all lies against Christ are the work of Satan himself. The Lord Jesus denounced as Satan the Apostle Peter when he denied Christ's intention to die on the cross and save His people. How much more are the blasphemous words of Superstar the very words of the Devil against Jesus. The plea is made to those who have supported and participated in this sin against God to flee to Christ for salvation now while there is still time.

The sermon contains detailed quotations from the opera to demonstrate its blasphemy.

To obtain a PDF transcript of the message, click here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). To listen to the sermon, click the play arrow button in the player below:

A Summary of the Sermon

There have been a lot of falsehoods told during the past weeks by supporters of the blasphemous rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Some have been raised against our church because of our witness, some have been told in support of the opera itself. But most have been told against Christ and His true Gospel.

Where does the boldness at speaking lies against Christ come from? What is its source, where are its motives?

The Scripture speaks plainly: all lies against the person and work of Christ come from Satan himself.

When the Apostle Peter disputed against Christ's determination to go to Calvary, Jesus rebuked him as Satan himself!

Recall that the very first lie was told by that old Serpent the Devil in Eden. And that first lie was against the Lord and His Word. The second lie followed hard after the first: Ye shall not surely die.

God's response to Satan's lies was to reiterate the truth of His righteous decrees, and to proclaim the Gospel against the Devil - the seed of the woman was promised to crush Satan's head.

Jesus rebuked those who denied his deity and his work as being children of their father the Devil, who is the father of all lies.

The Apostles repeatedly warned against the seduction of Satan's lies about Christ, and of those false teachers who would lie about Christ under the direction of Satan.

But Hallelujah, one day all the Devil's lies will be shut up, when he's cast into the lake of fire forever. The judgment of those who repeat and embrace his lies about Christ is this: God's fire will fall upon them and consume them.

Those who have lied about Christ must flee to Him for salvation while there is still time!

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