"Behold the Lamb of God
  which taketh away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29
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A Sermon Expressing Fear for Wrath to Come
upon those who take part in the blasphemy of Christ

On the Lord's Day, June 1, 2008, John Pittman Hey delivered a sermon titled "The Misapprehension of Jesus Christ Leads to Wrath".

In this sermon, Mr. Hey outlined the judgment that must befall those who do not accept Jesus for who He actually is. It does no good to embrace a false Christ - and those who do so are subject to the wrath of God for rejecting the Lord of Glory. Those who do not detect the blasphemy in Jesus Christ Superstar merely reveal their ignorance of the truth of Christ and His glorious Gospel. The message also delivered a warning to believers not to have any part or give any encouragement to the portrayal of a false Christ, else they are partakers in the blasphemy themselves.

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A Summary of the Sermon

Webber and Rice must be incompetent playwrights, to hear local people praise Jesus Christ Superstar as "glorifying to God." For they meant the play to blaspheme the Christ of the Bible, to deny His deity and portray Him as confused and unsure why He had to die.

Yet people view this vile blasphemy and come away claiming it is reverent, tasteful, and honoring to the Lord Jesus.

The problem with such persons is their ignorance of the true Christ of Scripture. Without that knowledge, they are incompetent to detect the counterfeit Jesus of this rock opera.

In John's Gospel Chapter One, the apostle describes the fact that the world "knew not" Christ nor did it "receive Him." Of course, the world knew the man Jesus, and thought it had received Him, but in reality it knew Him not for who He really is: the King of Glory, the Creator of all things, God incarnate in the flesh, a Glorious Savior, the Son of God, the Lamb sent to be slain in the place of sinners.

To "know Christ" but not know His true nature is to not know Him at all!

The fact is, those who see Jesus Christ Superstar and think it honors Jesus are most likely lost and on the road to Hell, because they have not received the Lord of Glory as He truly is.

The Scriptures warn against the spirit of antichrist, which would preach "another Jesus," a false Jesus which many will embrace.

Believers are warned against supporting or embracing any person who does not adhere to the true doctrine of Christ.

Woe betide those who embrace a false Savior, for wrath is determined against them!

Their only hope is to reject the false Jesus of Superstar and take up the real Jesus - Savior, King, the Lamb slain for sinners.

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