"Behold the Lamb of God
  which taketh away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29
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A Sermon Expressing Our Sorrow
at the Insult to our Savior by Jesus Christ Superstar

On the Lord's Day, May 25, 2008, John Pittman Hey delivered a sermon titled "The Saints' Sorrow at the Dishonor of Our Savior - Superstar Blasphemes Jesus"

In this sermon, Mr. Hey outlined the sorrow felt by true believers at the insults to the honor of the Savior by the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar." He called upon believers to be careful in their own lives, not to profane God's Name even in jest, violating the Third Commandment.

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A Summary of the Sermon

Next weekend will commence the performance of the blasphemous rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" next door to our little church house. We have raised a standard against it for the lies it tells about our Savior and His loving work of redemption at Calvary for us.

Its adherents have embraced the false conclusions of the lost Jews of Christ's day - that as a secular savior, He was a failure. He didn't heal everybody, feed everybody, solve everybody's problems, and then He went away.

If you strip the Savior of the true facts about Him - what He came to accomplish, the glorious redemption of His people by the shedding of His precious blood to make atonement for us - then you can only conclude that he was a failed savior.

But Our Lord accomplished His great work - He came as God's Lamb for sinners, and He made that sacrifice and has been raised in power and glory. In the work He came to finish - not the work the lost world would force upon him - He was completely victorious for us, Hallelujah!

We have a zeal for the Savior's honor mainly because of the great sorrow we feel in seeing him denigrated so.

We sorrow that His perfect righteousness, his perfect obedience to all God's law and will, are stripped from him by the malignity of this opera. How burdened He was to fulfill all Righteousness for His people! Our perfection lay upon His shoulders, and we sorrow that it is so despised.

But the thought that He knew not why He would die for us is the greatest sorrow. For we know that He always knew - He always knew the horror of the death He had to die as the sin-bearer for His people.

How deeply sad it makes us to see his sorrow mocked by Superstar!

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