"Behold the Lamb of God
  which taketh away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29
Grace Bible Church is a little congregation of believers in Greenwood, Mississippi. Conservative and traditional, we believe and preach every word of the Scriptures, exulting most of all in Christ's Gospel of sovereign Grace.
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Grace Bible Church is an independent, conservative congregation of Christians who seek to glorify God and bear a good witness to Him before the world.

We hope that our website will communicate the Glorious Gospel of saving Grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Latest Sermon

The Shame of Nakedness: A Sermon

Recently, a sermon was preached at Grace Bible Church titled The Shame of Nakedness: America's Disgrace.

Our government has recently resorted to the use of cruel mistreatment of prisoners, ordinary citizens under arrest, and even completely innocent travelers, by forcing them to disrobe and suffer the shame of nakedness.

The sermon provides concrete examples, and explores the causes of this national disgrace, which is the abandonment of Bible standards of modesty, and the hardening of the hearts of the people against such wickedness and cruelty.

Our Lord Jesus bore the shame of nakedness at Calvary when He suffered and died for the saving of His people.

The sermon, along with some documentation for the claims made therein, may be found here.

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